SALSA MONDAYS @ Whispers Bar

MONDAY 17 FEB 2020
Formal Classes start 24 Feb 2020
Doors Open: 7.30pm & Doors Close: 11.30pm
Details on all classes + timetable below
Social Dancing only AFTER 9.00pm: £3
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Classes from Mon 24 Feb 2020
Pay as you go Drop-in Classes: £7
£20 mthly discount card for regulars
Sorry but no refund on discount if you don't attend all sessions!
Class cost includes free social dancing until closing

Please come 10 mins early for registration & shoe change so all classes start promptly
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End time is flexible & depends on attendance
Please help us keep to time by being on time!
Please read the below information about classes too!!

7.15pm - 8.00pm:
Salsa Induction: Basic Steps & Fundamentals

8.00pm - 9.00pm

Beginner & Improver Classes

9.00pm - 9.30pm
Performance Group for Experienced Dancers

9.00pm - 11.00pm:
Individual Tuition, Practice & Social Dancing

The first class at 7.15pm is a short mandatory introduction session for total novices (plus anyone else wishing to take part) and is FREE. If it is your first time, then please ensure you come for this please as it saves time and repetition for other dancers. Next classes from 8.00pm are for ALL new beginners plus transition level dancers. In order to move to the next level class, you must complete the beginner & transition skills syllabus. These skills
must be in place in order to move to the improver class, as they are not taught at the next level; without them you may impede the progress and/or safety of others. The teachers will keep you informed on your progress & when they feel you are ready for the next challenges!

At present, classes run side by side at 8.00pm. Students warm up together then the classes will split into different levels. Classes at improver level and above involve much more intensive footwork, partner work, shines, spins & musicality. Students will have built up muscle memory, internalised the rhythm & understand the structure of the dance or
have acquired these skills elsewhere from other teachers so are ready for new challenges.

Performance class at 9.00pm runs at the same time as social dancing. This is a special class for those taking part in the various community events and displays taking part during the summer months. Students for this class are fully competent as a leader and/or follower in all essential skills so are well prepared for new challenges involved in more complicated steps / turn patterns.

Some people may have been dancing a long time but it doesn't mean they are good social dancers. If they missed out on certain techniques or core skills, it shows up on the dance floor. Likewise, some with natural ability or previous experience may learn really quickly so will progress much more easily too. Telford salsa classes are interchangeable & mainly mixed ability; they are not based on how long a person has been dancing, but purely on the overall skill level of the students who turn up on the night. However they are still designed to ensure regular progression. If you have been dancing for a while but have missed out on some skills, want to revisit the basics or learn a particular technique, then the brief descriptions above give some idea of what to expect but there is plenty of flexibility to accommodate all comers.

Please note if you just want 'flash moves' then our classes are not for you. Our policy is to enable you to become good, safe, stylish social dancers which is what you are paying for. We use the salsa matrix as the basis for our teaching practice and this takes time - flash moves only work if the underlying skills are in place. DO NOT compare yourself to others; remember your only competition is yourself.
YOU are our best advert, we want only the best for you, for you to look good on the dance floor, reach your full potential!

Our teachers have 20 years dance experience & are well qualified to advise
so ASK if not sure or contact the mobile to discuss and/or clarify if you have not previously attended any of our classes.

Where to next?
N.B. Most people remain at Improver level for around 18 months to 2 years as it usually takes this long as there is so much to learn, to cover all the important essentials, including the drilling practice too, which is vital in order to become a good social dancer. There is a huge amount that needs to be taught/learnt for salsa plus bachata, bachatango, merengue, la rueda & kizomba (which are all danced at socials) which is one reason why salsa can become so addictive. Once you are comfortable leading/following SMOOTHLY all that is taught at Improver Plus level & are confident dancing socially at parties with lots of people you have never previously danced with, then you may be ready to move to INTERMEDIATE. This level is not just 'another class' where you learn 'something different'. You will be expected to have very good technique, a much higher level of understanding, musicality and more extensive skill base. Please note, even if you have been dancing much longer than this, you will NOT benefit from joining an Intermediate class if you are not ready or lacking in some essential skills and most important, may even impact on the progress of those who are. IF IN DOUBT PLEASE ASK.