Doors Open: 7.00pm & Doors Close: 11.00pm
Details on all classes + timetable below

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Classes @ Whitehouse Hotel
TOTAL NOVICES: please check out information on BEGINNER OPTIONS PAGE
Pay as you go Drop-in Classes: £7
£20 mthly discount card for regulars
£15 New Beginner Special Discount
(First month only on completion of workshop)
Sorry but no refund on discount if you don't attend all sessions!
Cost includes classes and free social dancing until closing

Please come 10 mins early for registration & shoe change so all classes start promptly

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End time is flexible & depends on attendance
Please help us keep to time by being on time!
7.15pm - 8.00pm: FREE Session
Class 1 - Salsa Basics & Fundamentals

8.00pm - 9.00pm: CLASSES SIDE BY SIDE
Class 2 - Timing, Technique and Transition Skills
Class 3 - Partner Turn Patterns, Shines & Spins

9.00pm - 9.15pm: Warm Down Steps for all comers

9.15pm - Closing: Individual Tuition, Practice & Social Dancing

Class 1 is for total novices and/or for those wanting more practice; the best dancers never stop work on honing their technique. New dancers will always need to attend this first session in order to participate in class 2. You will be expected to do both of these classes for practice purposes until the basics are ingrained.

Class 2 is for beginner plus dancers or those with some experience gained from other teachers; you will understand salsa basic fundamentals, can lead/follow simple partner turn patterns and are practising on a regular basis so ready for the next challenges. The teacher will keep you informed on your progress.

Class 3 involves much more intensive footwork, partner work, shines & musicality. Dancers for this class will have completed the class 2 syllabus so are fully competent as a leader and/or follower in all the required essential elements, have built up muscle memory, have internalised the rhythm & understand the structure of the dance or
acquired these skills elsewhere.


Labels can be misleading. Some people may have been dancing a long time but if they missed out on essential technique it shows up on the dance floor; likewise, some people learn really quickly and so will progress much more easily. Telford salsa classes are interchangeable & mixed ability, not based on how long a person has been dancing, but purely on the overall skill level of the students who turn up on the night; however they are still designed to ensure regular progression. You may have been dancing for a while but have missed out on certain skills so need to revisit the basics or learn a particular technique. The brief descriptions above give some idea of what to expect, there is plenty of flexibility to accommodate all comers. DO NOT compare yourself to others; remember your only competitor is yourself. Check out the syllabus for each class. ASK the teacher if not sure or contact the mobile to discuss and/or to clarify if you have not previously attended.

Where to next?!

N.B. Most people remain at Class 3 / Improver level for at least 18 months to 2 years as it usually takes this long to cover the important essentials and to find enough time for drilling practice too, which is so vital in order to become a good social dancer. There is a huge amount that needs to be taught/learnt, including bachata, merengue, la rueda & kizomba which are danced at the socials. Once you are comfortable leading/following SMOOTHLY all that is taught at this level, with good technique, and you are happy dancing socially at parties with lots of people you have never previously danced with, then you are ready to move up to INTERMEDIATE level. This level is not just 'another class' where you learn 'something different' - you will be expected to have really good technique, a much higher level of understanding, musicality and more extensive skill base. Please note, even if you have been dancing much longer than this, you will NOT benefit from joining an Intermediate class if you are not ready or lacking in some essential skills and most important, may even impact on the progress of those who are; if in doubt please ask. Our role is to help you reach your full potential, whatever you want that to be!