Next Workshop: 15 & 22 MAY2019

@ ALL SAINTS: 7.30pm - 10.30pm
COST: £20 in advance or £24 on the day
Cost is first for BOTH sessions: NO REFUND if you don't attend Part 2

Special Fast Track workshops for beginners usually take place WED at All Saints, Wellington and are designed to prepare you for the Level 2 weekly drop-in classes which take place on Mondays. This workshop is taking place over two weeks plus the option of a FREE class in between sessions on Monday 20 MAY @ Whitehouse Hotel. Overall content is equivalent to first level beginner sessions and follow same syllabus. Please note there is no refund if you don't attend Part 2. Cost if paid in advance gives a saving of £24 on normal price of 7 drop-in classes; great value for money!!

The workshops are ideal for those unable to attend weekly classes on a regular basis, or who want to learn to dance more quickly or for those needing to learn to dance for a special occasion such as a prom night, wedding or work function. It is also suitable for Cuban dancers who wish to learn the fundamentals for cross body style salsa. Places limited to ensure more individual tuition & for gender balancing purposes. However, you do not have to be part of a couple to book as unlike ballroom dancing, this is improvised freestyle salsa, not set routines & dancers move round in classes to enable more inter-action.
On completion of the workshop, you should be able to join the Monday salsa classes with much more confidence and progress more quickly!

Future dates for 2019 will be posted up when finalised.

Beginner classes are the most important you will ever do. Drop-in classes for beginners involve a lot of repetition as new people always have to be accommodated every week so progress is slower. From experience, a short course or workshop is one of the best & more interesting ways for beginners to learn any form of dance as they are more progressive & prepare you well for the weekly Monday drop-in classes.

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Those with a strong foundation tend to find their future progress much easier so moving to higher level classes is less stressful & a much smoother experience too! Dance should be fun both for yourself & with every partner; it is a great night out & not meant to be a competition, so don't rush things. There is no point having lots of flash moves if the underlying basic skills are lacking; it is not a pleasant experience either for the lead or follower & is how injuries occur. A highly skilled dancer makes it look easy but it has taken them several years & there are no short cuts; you need to have the mindset of a marathon runner & train for the long haul! To become a competent social dancer takes less time but it still requires the same approach!

latin dances!

There is a lot to learn in the salsa family of dances and it is impossible to teach everything in a weekly class. Special workshops for development purposes in addition to the drop-in sessions are available @ All Saints on Weds so check out the relevant page for more details.

Private tuition at a reasonable hourly rate is also on the menu for individuals, couples, small groups, prom dancing & dance tuition for wedding dances too; allow yourself four weeks if possible for wedding dances in order to really impress your guests if you have never danced before! Contact admin directly for detail on costs.