Wednesdays Workshops @ All Saints
Lychgate Walk, Wellington TF1 3HA

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Special workshops for Tango, Bachata, Kizomba, Salsa!

Weekly classes are never enough as there is so much to learn in the world of salsa as can be seen in the diagram below! Following on from feedback and requests, a second weekly night is now on offer but with a workshop format. They are more intensive & teaching time is slightly longer in order to allow for more content. Most sessions are suitable for all levels of dancer unless otherwise stated but contact admin if not sure.

Always very popular - Advance Booking Only

Fancy a little bit of Argentine Tango? Then join guest teacher Hannah Cooper from Toqua Tango and Sylvie Daw from Telford Salsa on Wednesdays in October. Find out why they are so passionate about this beautiful dance! A short intensive course is one of the best ways to learn and will quickly give you a comprehensive introduction to the joys of tango. If you can walk then you just need some music and are already dancing! Advance booking only to ensure a reasonable gender balance; places limited to 20 people. You do not have to be part of a couple to attend as dancers move around in the class. To book send email asap to or call the mobile: 07929862462.


latin dances!

Special workshops for development purposes in addition to the Monday drop-in sessions are available for those who wish to progress more quickly or would like more time in order to polish and/or improve their skills. These are usually held on demand at All saints on Weds. Workshops such as Salsa Fundamentals, Partner Essentials, Technique for Turns & Spins, Beginner Transition, Footwork & Shines, Cha Cha On2; Ladies Styling, Bachata, Salsa On2 & much, much more are all on offer. There is also Kizomba, Neuvo tango & Bachata-milonga which are are becoming more popular. If you are interested in any particular workshop, please contact admin if you are not currently attending our classes or not on the mailing list. Numbers in workshops are limited to enable more individual teaching and current students have priority. Details about workshop content is sent out via email and also published up here and in the various social media groups nearer the time.