Health Benefits of Dance

If you want to keep fit & healthy, find the gym too difficult or you are not good at sports, then dance may be more suitable! You are more likely to continue with a form of regular exercise if you are enjoying yourself at the same time, whilst making some new friends & socialising! The added bonus is the fact that dancing is well documented by scientists to be extremely good for our mental health & physical well being; they also claim dance helps to get rid of depression, anxiety & stress. Just two weeks of dance classes can lead to significant improvemements in mood according to researchers.

WARNING: Dancing can become an addiction but it's a good one!!

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Have you ever seen a child dance? It just seems to come from within them. There is no self-consciousness or idea that they need to “get it right”. They just move their body with the music. This ability to dance is innate in all of us but unfortunately for many people as they grow up, the idea of dancing becomes loaded with expectations. We think there is a right way to do it, or that we have to learn special steps and long routines. This leaves some people with the belief that they “can’t dance” as they have two left feet or no sense of rythym. But it’s simply not true! Everyone can learn to become a competent social dancer.

Dance is also one of the most powerful ways to release stress and boost your energy.

  • Physical – dance works your muscles, joints and limbs giving you an all-over body workout

  • Mental – dance gives a wonderful break from the inner chattering of the mind as you focus completely on the moment

  • Emotional – dance allows you to express yourself freely

  • Social – when you can mix with other people it creates a great feeling of connection

  • Spiritual – when you dance fully, it becomes a powerful meditation

 As the guru Osho says,
“Dance as if this is the last dance. Dance with abandon, holding nothing back. That will bring transformation to your being”